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Attract Pollinators to your Garden!

It’s #SustainabilitySunday. Today we’re leaning into one of the benefits of using native plants in your yard and garden. When you use native plants in your yard, you are helping pollinators like monarchs, bees and hummingbirds thrive! Native plants and pollinators have evolved together and complement each other in our climate. Most flowering plants need pollinators to produce fertile seeds, and some pollinators are even dependent on specific plants to survive. For example, milkweeds serve as the host plant for monarch butterflies; monarchs exclusively lay their eggs on the leaves of milkweeds.

Interested in using native plants in your home, school or community garden? The Crestview Garden Club will have many native plants popular with pollinators in our Annual Plant Sale on May 14th at The Depot in Elmhurst. Watch this page for more details!

Click here to read more about native plants that do well in Illinois.

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